Business to learn flexibility

Business to learn flexibility

in our daily life, we often encounter some think "brain dead", if the general public, there may be some things will spend some time only, but if it is to do business, not flexible, fear of the loss of a large number of customers. After all, the storekeeper, if do not know how to work, it may be beneath the human character hat was. Customers will be "at a distance", and then do not go shopping. This can not but arouse the owner’s deep reflection. In fact, the business must learn to adapt to meet the needs of customers, this is a wise choice.

once, I went to a pancake shop to buy pancakes. It seems that the boss is so hot that he doesn’t have the enthusiasm of other shopkeepers. I asked the price, it is intended to buy a pound. I want to buy just out of the pot, so go home to eat, will not cool. However, she had to give me to take the cold, I do not understand. The owner really do not do business, customers like what kind of give what kind of, why want to go against the wishes of customers? I didn’t show up at that time. I picked up the pancakes and left. When I left, I had a few more eyes to see her plaque, not the next time, but to remember that the next time do not come again.

again, I’m going to buy noodles. Put a lot of noodles on the stall, the boss in accordance with the order one by one to the customer. At this time, a customer said to the boss: "boss, I want to take that just do not face the noodles." The boss looked at him and said, "all the same, you take this."!" The customer felt so embarrassed that he simply didn’t buy it. When the customer left, I heard the boss accusing the customer. After listening to his words, I think there is no reason, do not meet the requirements of customers, even if, but also accused, really too much.

above two things, I was as a customer experience, the following to say this thing, is how I as the owner of the flexible. One day, a customer to buy fruit, although my fruit is very fresh, but he still feel bad, let me add some new. Although I was reluctant, but did not show up, but immediately poured out of the box.

the customer is very happy to see, because I was specially added for him. In fact, there is no difference between the box and the counter. If we satisfy our customers, he will be happy; if they don’t, they will be unhappy. Therefore, we must not offend customers. Today, my customers very much, very important reason is that I can "responsive".

is now the major industry operators are very much, therefore, the reason why customers will be shopping here, is not necessarily how good your stuff is often directed at your service. Therefore, the owner should learn empathy, to maintain a calm state of mind. No >

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