Vendors selling fruit management skills

Vendors selling fruit management skills

is now the same business people, but different operators, operating conditions may have a completely different presentation, which naturally has a great relationship with people’s management skills. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to sell the fruit traders operating skills to see if it is worth the operator to learn.

customer: how about this apple?

: are you sure you want to buy this apple?

customer: I do not want to buy, then ask you why?

fruit business: if you buy a lot of concessions, how much do you want to buy?

customer: I’m at least a few boxes.

fruit merchant: Yes, ah, then please look inside the house to see the product.

customer follow the fruit to the back room.

fruit while holding the packaged apple to the customer, he casually said: I see you seem very familiar, where are you from?

customer: I don’t know you, where are you from?

: we are × × town.

customer: is it true?

: we have been in business for over ten years, but that’s never been fooled. If I didn’t guess wrong, you should also be × × town?

customer: you guessed it, we are really × × town.

: what is your particular street?

customer: how about you?

: we are × × street.

customer: we are × × street.

: that we’re taking fruit next to the very near it, I said no wonder so familiar, the original is a place.

Said the

fruit seller, taking out a cigarette and handing it to the customer.

customers also did not refuse, while smoking cigarettes, said: >

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