Good creativity execution brings success

Good creativity execution brings success

entrepreneurial innovation can be summed up in six words "creative + execution", have entrepreneurial dreams not just "think", of course, the Internet era can not be a lack of entrepreneurial venture, according to this standard, you do poineering preparations?

2016 Asian entrepreneurship competition kicked off in Xiamen,

In today’s era of entrepreneurship is

2000 wave of the wave of the Internet, the U.S. venture capital into the Greater China region. If you want to invest $one billion, they will be divided into three, one to Taiwan, one to Hongkong, one to the mainland of china. But the final investment in mainland China is booming, all funds in Taiwan and Hongkong are the The whole army was wiped out.

the reason, a key factor is the size of the user. Hongkong has only about 7000000 people, about 22 million people in Taiwan, the mainland has a population of 1 billion 200 million. In this regard, Cai Wensheng pointed out that only 2.5 of the world’s Internet market, one is the United States, one is China, there are only half of India, as long as the Chinese and the United States to seize the market, you can succeed.

currently in great wave of investment in Chinese. Although China’s development over the past decade, the rapid growth of the eastern coast, but there are four lines and five lines of the city is worth expanding. In 2000, the whole world of risk investment in Chinese, just try holding the attitude, but with the development of China, the world’s top venture investors, including capital have entered into the Chinese Internet market.

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