1500 block allows you to easily start to earn 10000

1500 block allows you to easily start to earn 10000

today’s society there is competition, pressure, had to let the young people feel the pressure of life, want to start a business, not much money, 1500 can do? Xiaobian to introduce you to a small business needs only 1500 yuan to start a small business to start the project, is looking for a project to start the business, we must not miss this small entrepreneurial venture to make money shop.

Menlian store need not luxurious decoration, as long as neat and clean on the line, but the front signs must be eye-catching cloth store, can be made into advertising signs, probably about 500 yuan of funds.

store walls available iron net decoration, cloth pieces with good support and hanger, but the walls hung. Put two folded bed cloth can show. Buy some clothes with a cloth with mold, placed in front of the shop around the show. The fund needs about 1000 yuan.

can recruit a tailor, buy a sewing machine, a machine, a set of iron tools >

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