Even if it is difficult to start a sweet smile

Even if it is difficult to start a sweet smile

want to be a successful woman, you have to pay more efforts than ordinary people. But Chinese incense, Hubei, only 56, in 2001 to become the American network China district marketing manager, 2002 "fool’s Day" business, set up enterprise alliance Brain Happy golf, the golf club as the carrier, marketing and management organization for high-end women.

but types of incense looks not very beautiful, but the skin smooth, youthful sparkling luster. She speaks, you won’t think she is smart, but soon will be able to feel her smart and good at communication.

was originally "pirate ship", part of the reason is the experience in American net work, let her think of business it is not too difficult. Because like golf, it is done, can not afford to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, anyway, young, but also lose.

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