Clothing brand ten list

Clothing brand ten list

in a variety of outdoor sports, clothing has always been a very high popularity, by a lot of people’s favorite, the market is a very large number of brands. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brand clothing, so you can choose to make a better reference.

jackets ten brands list NO.1, Columbia Columbia: founded in 1938, outdoor clothing brand as a pioneer, the world famous outdoor sports product design manufacturers, Swire resources (Shanghai) Trading Co., ltd..

jackets ten brands list NO.2, Pathfinder Toread: high-tech enterprises in Beijing, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games licensed manufacturers, large outdoor equipment providers, Toread Outdoor Products Co in Beijing.

jackets ten brands list, NO.3 TNF: a north face in the United States in 1966, one of the most influential China market international high-end brands, the world famous outdoor brands, Wei Fu Garment Co. Ltd. (Chinese).

jackets ten brands list, NO.4 Jack Wolfskin wolf claw: founded in 1984 in Germany, the European famous outdoor brand, the world’s top outdoor brands, general agent China: Shanghai tristate enterprises Co. ltd..

jackets ten brands list NO.5, ARC`TERYX Archaeopteryx: founded in 1989, North American and global leading outdoor brand, Canada’s top outdoor brands, Amer sports trade (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

jackets ten brands list NO.6, MARMOT groundhog: one of the most famous American outdoor brand, the world’s top outdoor equipment brand, mountain top brands, China agent: Beijing Rui Ji Long Feng International Trade Co. ltd..

jackets ten brands list NO.7, OZARK OZARK: in 1996 the Swiss Hans Shallenberger outdoor enthusiasts, professional outdoor sports brand, Beijing Olympic swarc sports goods co..

ten brand list NO.8, BLACKYAK Bbu Ryak: in 1973, the international professional outdoor sporting goods brand, outdoor leisure luxury brand, Beijing, Bbu Ryak outdoor sporting goods Co., ltd..

jackets ten brands list NO.9, NORTHLAND: Northland in 1973 in Austria, the world famous professional outdoor sports brand, brand competitive outdoor clothing industry, Nanjing Sports Goods Co. > border town

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