Changting the rise of entrepreneurship on her strength

Changting the rise of entrepreneurship on her strength

business boom rose at the same time, we can see she power rising, the development of the Internet, available to the majority of women entrepreneurs is a very good opportunity, Nei has become homely food.

"I will be online and offline sales experience combined with the last famous special agricultural products through Internet sales amounted to about 3000000 yuan." 5, Changting County won the provincial women’s demonstration base farmer Yi Xiaozhen told reporters, Changting County women’s Federation held last year electricity supplier training gave her inspiration, not only to the packaging of agricultural products, to the local cultural story, also use the Internet to expand sales channels, business bigger and bigger.

with "Match 8 Women’s Day" and "Arbor Day" footsteps approaching, easy Xiaozhen more busy. These two days, she was through the Internet publicity, the upcoming crop and sapling planting adoption activities. She said: This is all thanks to the electricity supplier platform, thanks to the training."

to better help the women to develop production, achieve rich city, also women’s Federation to carry out small loans assistance to meet the loan conditions of women entrepreneurs. According to statistics, in 2011, the city has issued 12508 yuan for small businesses secured loans of $1 billion 50 million, to solve the problem of women’s venture capital.

in Entrepreneurship and innovation in the tide of our city, the emergence of a number of women to become rich hotshot, they go in the forefront of women entrepreneurs get rich. Give full play to the "women’s Federation in the light of its general trend, the leading role of women’s demonstration base" and the women’s cooperative organizations, promote the integration of women in entrepreneurship. Venture on behalf of Ding Xiaohong through the formation of cooperatives, radiation surrounding provinces, cities and counties, the number of black rabbit breeding more than 600 households, nearly 2000 rural surplus labor force to solve the employment problem.

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