To be able to shop for the high popularity of not stingy gifts

To be able to shop for the high popularity of not stingy gifts

in order to attract customers, and now a lot of goods will be accompanied by a gift with the goods, the owner of the business, but also to the customer to send some small gifts, which will attract customers, enhance the popularity of the store. While some shopkeepers in the gift of the time is very stingy, so it will play the opposite role, the increase in the popularity of the store without any help. So, if you want to enhance the popularity of the store, you can not stingy gifts oh.

this afternoon, two female customer riding electric car stopped at my door, which is also a shout: "the boss did not get off, with Mosley Ann milk box."

"Okay, here!" I quickly took a box of Mosley to the woman’s car.

"how much is it?" The customer asked me with a smile.

"58 yuan a box." I told her at the normal price.

other very readily handed me 70 yuan let me change. In the money at the same time, I take a supplier to the customer to give gifts toy.

then I think: "the two people to buy milk, a gift to the end who ah?" So, out of politeness, I tried to ask the customer: "if you like this toy, I can give you a."

get the toy before the female customer said: "just her family also has a baby, you give her a bar!" To this end, I took a customer to come with.

later, the woman who bought milk said: "the boss, I am embarrassed to say that, in fact, I have a request. There is a friend with her, had a little baby, whether to send a friend?"

gifts have to play, but the customer is too direct to ask. As a result, I said, "there is the last little toy, the neighbor’s child just came to me. Now that you say it, give it to you!"

finally, I also tell the customer: "I shop in June this year anniversary activities, it is every kind of gift, I hope you have time to come!"

"that’s for sure, don’t worry, boss."!" The customer replies very simply.

sold a box of milk, sent out 3 gifts small toys, my husband said I was a little silly. But I think, after all, is a token of my gifts sent, and also for the upcoming anniversary of advertising.


is a business, it can’t be too much

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