Air conditioning rental can make money

Air conditioning rental can make money

no matter what kind of business we decide to invest in, we still need to consider whether it will be able to return more wealth. After all, the current market situation is extremely complex, only truly profitable business will get better development operations. So, air conditioning lease can make money?

if you enter the summer, the air conditioning will be put in great use, just as the various shopping malls are preparing to launch a war of air conditioning promotion, a group of smart businessmen began to start air conditioning rental business.

although the business is seasonal, but three or four months down the net profit of ten yuan is also very easy.

who will rent the air conditioner

rental air conditioning, the business in a lot of people do not always listen to the sound, which has a market? In fact, this market is not small.

First of all,

, migrant workers, Graduate students. This part of the crowd is more prominent features, one is that less money; two, the rental of the hardware conditions are poor; the three is to change the residence. So for them, spend a few thousand dollars to purchase an air conditioner is not worthwhile, even if each replacement of a residence, with air conditioning, each two hundred or three hundred yuan transfer fee is not a small burden. And just spend one or two yuan per day to rent air conditioning is very cost-effective.

secondly, the construction site. Because the site conditions are very large, and the construction site is a temporary place, the installation of air conditioning is not worthwhile. The construction site workers living houses are temporary color steel house, summer is very hot. So they are also more favored in the leasing of air-conditioning.

third, exhibition, concert, etc.. Because these places are temporary structures, and there may be a large number of people into the limited space, there is a rigid demand for air conditioning. Let the group to spend several million yuan to buy a few sets of air conditioning, apparently impossible, so they are more inclined to lease air conditioning.

from the current market situation, the latter two groups of people to bring higher profits for investors, because they are bulk leasing.

market space is much

understand the rental air conditioning crowd, then how many of these people? Taking Chongqing city as an example, only in 2013 May, the city of about 200 air-conditioning leasing businesses, various types of air conditioning has been leased to more than 9 times, and more than 7 air conditioning tenants have signed with customers about the long, if it is not scheduled in advance, afraid to enter the real peak in July and August, the rent is not on air conditioning.

and this situation, not only in Chongqing, in Wuhan, Ji’nan and other places have appeared >

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