College students choose what industry Beverage industry prospects

College students choose what industry Beverage industry prospects

for just out of college students, it is difficult to find a good job, after all, lack of experience. Many college students everywhere in the wall, decided to start their own business owners. However, due to limited funds on hand, so the choice of venture capital projects is critical. Now the beverage industry has a lot of room for development, suitable for small investment venture.

quasi Entrepreneurs: ren. Last year the Hongkong tour for me to where the "Hui Lau Shan" obsession, this year, I want to work, invest in a Fresh Juice house to sell fresh fresh fruit juice, although I do not have the Hui Lau Shan unique technology, but the store is small investment, simple operation of the industry, according to my understanding of income good. My unit in the vicinity of Hepingli, the vicinity of many office buildings, residential buildings, even after the opening of the subway, I want to choose a store here, just don’t know where I can find shelter.

To determine the

my investment budget: the purchase of fruit juice machine, refrigerator, cutlery, tables and chairs, sterilized for 8000 yuan, 200 yuan of pre purchase fruit shop, rent (about 5 square meters), 1000 yuan per month, 300 yuan for legal procedures, other expenses 500 yuan.

as the low investment and good projects, students choose the beverage industry is the most correct. Small investment high returns, so that college students in the entrepreneurial process greatly reduces the risk of entrepreneurship. Market demand for beverages is very large, the choice of beverage industry investment, so that you have earned throughout the year.


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