College students who should have what qualities

College students who should have what qualities

college students entrepreneurship is often required to have many qualities, have some of the quality of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial period in order to be successful, at the same time, each entrepreneurial quality in the whole entrepreneurship are particularly important things.

Second, entrepreneurs must be one type of people excited. Wake up in the morning to see the first customer to be excited, busy one night to see the last customer, or will remain excited. When people are excited, there will be inspiration and wisdom, just like boys will be excited when pursuing a girl, will be smart, will find ways to think about how to catch the girl.

Third, sensitivity is a gift, and the entrepreneurial acumen is the strong. To Ma, ordinary people face the opportunity to make a fortune, basically divided into invisible and cannot read, to less than three stages, and entrepreneurs will see before others can not see, others cannot read the time to start, waiting for someone else to see and read when he was bigger, so others too late.

Fourth, entrepreneurs or ascetic. In a survival rate of only 1/1000 in the economy, there are a lot of companies set up every day, and there are a lot of companies die, the vast majority of successful entrepreneurs are not the first business, a lot of people are after many failures before success, it depends on the pain persist.

sixth, of course, hit the wall, you need to learn about the past, this is a kind of temperament entrepreneurs also need to have the wisdom.


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