Bone Pixie let you enjoy the ultimate delicious ribs

Bone Pixie let you enjoy the ultimate delicious ribs

ribs because of its high nutritional value, so loved by the vast number of consumers. No matter what the cooking method is its nutritional value is very high, nutrient loss is less, the market demand for the ribs are also provided for the investment in the food and beverage market entrepreneurs a good opportunity. Fresh, fried, sweet sauce, bone Pixie small ribs practice characteristics, has a unique taste.

bone Pixie small ribs have pure flavor, three fine ribs (original, spicy black pepper, mix), Xian Xiangla (spicy black pepper pork (strong) Cyclone black pepper flavor tipsy) secret Fried Spare Ribs with Spiced Salt (salt and pepper taste sweet and sour), straight ribs (Bifengtang peanut crisp flavor and other flavors) edible, group is very extensive, both young and old.

and, for different groups of people, but also have different tastes, such as sweet and sour taste of children, you can also provide the mouth is not relatively sweet nutrition children’s package. For office workers, Pixie bone but also the economic benefits of the work packages can be provided. For lovers, bone Pixie can also provide packages for their lovers please enjoy wonderfull life. For the elderly, bone clever small ribs there are special packages for their physical escort, nutritional health package. Truly delicious regardless of age.

bone Pixie small ribs has the advantages of simple operation, very good, selected raw materials, special materials, tastes good! Low investment cost, the return rate is very high, it is the entrepreneurial choice


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