Daqing start entrepreneurial action three year plan national Entrepreneurship

Daqing start entrepreneurial action three year plan national Entrepreneurship

now the country in order to promote people to actively entrepreneurship, Qidong a series of business plan, in the city of Daqing started the entrepreneurial action "three year plan", thus further promoting a whole pace of national entrepreneurship.

from promoting measures, Daqing municipal government mainly taken five measures. Namely: the release of dividend policy to stimulate entrepreneurship. On the national and provincial level to promote entrepreneurship business registration, tax relief, financing guarantees, entrepreneurship training and other related policy system combing, tracking landing. At the same time, the municipal government issued a document on "vigorously promote national entrepreneurship" and the implementation of the program, defined the overall framework, objectives and tasks, promoting measures, responsibilities and deadlines, developed 19 support initiatives to encourage and support the people business, efforts to optimize the business environment, reduce the access threshold, the city’s 256 thousand and 900 the user Small and micro businesses and the self-employed and small-scale enterprises enjoy tax relief 134 million yuan, dividend policy to be fully released and a gradual amplification effect.

gathering capital to support entrepreneurship. The city at all levels of financial investment business support funds 169 million yuan, mainly for government funded the construction and public welfare incubators to encourage entrepreneurship, collect project information, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and other expenses; the municipal finance business loan guarantees from 30 million yuan to 50 million yuan, has 617 entrepreneurs issuing loans to 33 million 550 thousand yuan. An increase of 12%; coordination of rural commercial bank, chambers of Commerce set up "Qing Jian

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