How can we find a good store

How can we find a good store

today, people do the clothing business is very much, but the key is to find a good store, then today, the whole network Xiaobian to tell you how to open clothing store, choose a good store.

in operation of the shop, involves many aspects of site selection, financing, purchasing, marketing, financial management, a part of any inconsiderate may lead to failure of the entire investment chain. Therefore, the investment should be carefully studied before the shop opened the details of the shop.

Select and store goods

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X chain believes that, for an entrepreneur, consumer spending is the key to see whether the location of a store is superior, the first to see whether it can bring enough traffic.

mentioned location, Miss Chen is very effective. She said the site to remember, "passengers" is "revenue", will choose the position of the shop is relatively concentrated in the flow of the business district, although there will be rent, the pressure of competition and distress, but the shops are concentrated position, but is conducive to the accumulation of popularity, cannot because these worry and choose shops in remote areas, the result can only be The loss outweighs the gain.

values is the key

the so-called "values", refers to the seat of the shop as the center, around the circular consumption area extends to a certain distance by the formation of. Business district generally includes three kinds: the first is located in the city’s core business district, the commercial development of such a place, due to the popularity of

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