How to create a good atmosphere for the experience of cigarette retail store

How to create a good atmosphere for the experience of cigarette retail store

people are emotional animals, a lot of action is often made in an atmosphere of decision, shopping will naturally be affected by the atmosphere. For this reason, many shops will be very focused on experiential marketing. Today, in our daily lives and consumption, experience two words have been everywhere: mobile 4G experience zone, apple experience store, and even the real estate developers to launch a model room try to live, etc..

consumer buying process is no longer a simple thing to buy itself, it is more important to get a good feeling of emotional communication between people and to meet the needs of the discovery of a pleasant surprise experience. Therefore, as a retail store, no matter what products to sell, we should learn and carry out a new model of experiential marketing, close to the customer, to seize the hearts of consumers.

experience economy is a new economic form and development trend after the agricultural economy, industrial economy and service economy. The so-called "experience marketing" is also based on the experience of the evolution of the word economy, such as bird? Schmidt wrote his "experience marketing" ("Experiential Marketing") in the book definition that experiential marketing is in the consumer’s sensory and emotional (Sense) (Feel), thinking (Think), (Act), Association (Relate) five aspects, to redefine the way of thinking, design and marketing the. Consumers before consumption, consumption, consumption experience, is the key to the study of consumer behavior and brand management.

is well known, 85 degrees C cake shop is such an example, its success is to create a unique experience to a certain extent. Every time you go to 85 degrees C the cake shop, you can see the people of every hue: the old man took the children after school to buy bread, the office of 35 white-collar workers at a table sharing dessert, backpacking tourists in the hand of a cup of coffee to rest…… In the cake room + Cafe style 85 degrees C shop, the customer is not just a simple consumption, but more importantly, they enjoy the C of 85 degrees simple, casual, peaceful, happy emotional experience.

is to create this unique consumer experience, 85 degrees from C cake shop environment, product production, guide language all-around show the brand experience marketing mode in the core elements. So when you enter the 85 C store, you will find the shop environment simple and neat, baking mode open, let the cake and coffee smell, when you are immersed in a comfortable and elegant delicacy to enjoy the music, you will feel this is a full range to meet the vision, hearing, smell, taste the store experience.

so, how to design and create an atmosphere for the retail store to create a unique experience of 85 degrees C for customers?

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