Join the convenience store what investment advice

Join the convenience store what investment advice

convenience store is now everyone’s favorite shop, choose the right store, so that the investment can get a good shop income. So, if you want to join the convenience store, then what investment advice? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

location by interpersonal

according to the calculation, the total turnover of 360 thousand yuan per month to join stores, in the deduction of costs, waste and profit and loss (by joining the main burden), how to join the convenience store? Join the master in the hands of only 120 thousand yuan. After deducting 38% of the company’s monthly pumping into the remaining in the hands of the master to join the $70 thousand on the need to cover the rent of 100 square meters of shops, the cost of water and electricity, as well as the positive, deputy manager of the outside of the 15 employees wages. The real profit is not high. So investors in order to obtain higher profits must be done on the rent.

own commodity advantage low

relevant convenience store official said, 46.6% of its own merchandise is considered to be the dominant resources, how to join the convenience store? The development of 30 new products per week has also become a hot spot for investors. But in the eyes of consumers, the convenience of the store is similar to the sushi, sandwiches and similar layout makes them look different.

in fact, for example, compared to their own products, the impact of on-site production qualifications more far-reaching. According to statistics, in the sale of goods store in the top three are brunch, stew and drinks, fast food and other commodities more than 60% of the purchase behavior happened in the three to buy goods in the process, that is to say, the majority of people into the store to buy early afternoon meal, good stew and drinks. How to join the convenience store? In a consumer opinion, in addition to the special needs of food and beverage, not deliberately go to a convenience store.

shelf display risk

investment convenience store enterprises, standardized enterprise management and brand recognition is the main reason to join the main cause. But behind some mandatory requirements, the need to join the owner to assume the risk is also more demanding.

in the two hours before the expiration of the shelf is one of the most convenient chain of mandatory requirements. But in the implementation, this part of the cost of goods need to join the Lord abandoned themselves, in addition, the shelves may not be a long time out of stock, to join the main store on the shelf life of only 2 – 3 days of food purchase requirements become more fine. In a convenience store of 2000 kinds of goods, the fastest selling food is usually the lowest profit margins, while the lower sales of wine, cosmetics, the highest gross profit.

is usually forced to put on higher margin cosmetics on the outermost shelves of the convenience store, but the rules are also added

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