Confused dream venture should not imitate others’ questions

Confused dream venture should not imitate others’ questions

Xi’an Jiaotong University Students in the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition, they want to express the venture after graduating seniors go to the hamburger shop willingness to work. But the judges are out to stop it, please 4 college students after graduation, careful thinking, really want to sell hamburger?

"you may simply be encouraged by the aura of entrepreneurial idol." "If you really want to graduate to sell hamburger, please consider carefully!" The judges gave similar suggestions.

2014 in April, the seniors, "West master hamburger" founder Meng Bing released "why should I resign to sell hamburger" one article, the popular network, the amount of forwarding broken million. Meng Bing in which stated why he resigned from a famous Internet Co in Beijing, and because of the pursuit of the joy of life and nostalgia for home food, to join the tide of Internet entrepreneurship.

in a "feeling" like sound, "from the development of the window West master hamburger" for physical stores, and a number of stores in Beijing. The day of the game, the project sponsor Meng soldiers involved in the second round of financing negotiations, did not attend the roadshow.

"the science and engineering of things to discard in the service industry, is not a can, but a waste of education. I think students regardless of employment or entrepreneurship, should try to extend their own professional direction, so the probability of success will be higher." The judges, Dehou capital general manager Zhang Weimin said, "West master hamburger" project business model somewhat outdated, as the few students in science and engineering career choice is not ideal, "its success is the birth of the overheating of the capital market, two years ago to do this kind of business model is a new, but in the current environment of capital want to recommend

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