Open home renovation shop easy to make money

Open home renovation shop easy to make money

countless entrepreneurs are thinking when can operate what product, if we can really start from the needs of the public, to provide true when there is a pressing demand for the public service, I believe the business will explode. For this reason, Xiao Bian here suggested that the majority of entrepreneurs who may wish to open a refurbished shop.

one, old jewelry, old watch refurbished shop


store renovation can remove all kinds of old jewelry, old watch the surface dirt and scratches, processed Gold & silver plating process can compensate the fade, dull defects, defects of the old can also watch and jewelry to repair the old fault. Refurbished color can be customized according to customer requirements, golden, bright silver and light chrome and other effects.

investment planning: operating site, 15 square meters, monthly rent of about 500 yuan.

acquisition equipment: refurbished machine, polishing machine, a set of auxiliary tools for a total of 7000 yuan, the renovation process needs to learn $600, liquidity of $2000.

economic benefit analysis: according to the average daily live 30 pieces, each piece of charge of $10: annual gross profit =10 yuan / piece × 30 / day × 360 days / year =108000 yuan / year.


turned to the old furniture shop

home furniture to the old streets of waste, the acquisition price is surprisingly. And want to buy a shoe specially placed shoes, but can not buy a better. Renovation of the old furniture store, consumers can save some wood money, and processing producers can earn processing fees. Only one operating room, get some small woodworking machinery, furniture must turn not less to live.

three, disc repair shop

with the production of VCD, CD, change rapidly, LD, DVD, CVD disc has used blossom everywhere, but the new disc is easy to damage, the screen appears mosaic like, pause, skip or even crash and the impact of noise, ornamental, often have to repair this market demand.

investment analysis:

(1) rent room 5~6 square meters, monthly rent 300~400 yuan.

(2) to buy a new machine. The third generation of VCD discs, CD complex technology transfer fee of new machines and equipment for a total of 900 yuan, this product is a manual operation of traces of damage relatively cumbersome, complex new machine of the latest generation, it has entered the full automatic operation state, only the cup piece pushing position, the entire repair process will automatically in 3 minutes this machine is completed, about 1580 yuan.

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