Zhao Xirong how to highlight the characteristics of shops

Zhao Xirong how to highlight the characteristics of shops

although the number of shops in the same industry is very large, but many stores are exactly the same state of operation, a little bit of their own characteristics are not, how to attract consumers. So, in the shop side of the retail shop, how to highlight their unique charm? Shandong City, Yangxin, retail customers have a set of Zhao Xirong".

refused to sell cigarettes. The integrity of

shop for 12 years, "don’t sell cigarettes" is Zhao Xirong to own. At the same time, outside the channel for cigarettes, Zhao Xirong is also at a respectful distance. Whether relatives or friends, no matter who wants to smoke in the shop on behalf of the sale, Zhao Xirong will resolutely refuse. "My store is mostly old customers, we are very good relationship.

buy a box of cigarettes they may because of the sensibilities do not say it, but we will never come again. For a small loss of customer trust, not worth the candle!" Zhao Xirong said with a smile. So, he gave the customer commitment is: cigarette fidelity, price tag, fair trade. For a long time, we store the fame of word of mouth, more and more natural.

people should introduce

Zhao Xirong shop cigarette specifications complete, placed in order, no matter what the customer wants, can quickly find. Cigarettes sell well, thanks to Zhao Xirong clever business methods. Before selling cigarettes, you should first understand the needs of customers, such as taste, price, etc., and then introduce different cigarettes. Some people like the taste of heavy, you can introduce ‘Taishan’ (general), ‘Taishan’ (double), etc.; some people taste partial light, ‘Taishan’ (grand), ‘Taishan’ (Ping) and so is a good choice. If you like cigarettes, there are ‘Nanjing’ (twelve) series and other specifications available to choose from." Through targeted recommendations, Zhao Xirong won the trust of more customers.

free product promotion

every time a new cabinet, Zhao Xirong will come up with a few boxes to sell cigarettes, let customers enjoy free. With Zhao Xirong’s words: "the taste of different people, only to allow customers to understand the taste of different specifications, they can choose more suitable for their products." This seems to increase the cost, but in the long run, both increased sales and won popularity. In Zhao Xirong’s eyes, this little cigarette weight can be light!

reasonable inventory is the key

one can’t make bricks without straw. Only adequate supply, in order to better meet the needs of customers. There are periodic restrictions on cigarette orders, in case of special circumstances, it is difficult to gather enough in a short time, often in the invisible loss of tourists. Therefore, each cigarette, Zhao Xirong will be reasonable with different cigarette specifications and quantity, there are new products put in the first time to order. Customer wants >

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