Shaanxi Tang Ling eighteen decontamination detergent millennium was removed patina

Shaanxi Tang Ling eighteen decontamination detergent millennium was removed patina

For most of us,

has always been in awe of the heritage, and it is our duty to protect the cultural relics! However, in recent years more and more cultural relics without repeated destruction, we feel with deep hatred and resentment! Shaanxi Tang Ling eighteen "decontamination detergent" was removed for thousands of years it is how one thing?

5 5, Shaanxi photographer Hu Wugong released the eighteen "Tang Ling Shirengou Shima" bath "Millennium" patina by cleaning the posts on the network, causing hot friends quickly. May 6th, the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau to respond, said the post reflects the problem is not true, the cultural relics department has not arranged to clean, the scene is a natural phenomenon, mainly due to air pollution and acid rain caused by.


is an oolong, but this incident also reflects the recent users for cultural relics protected worries, scholars believe that the relevant departments need to have more perfect supervision mechanism, at the same time, have reverence for culture.

5 5, 2009, China network pictures center WeChat published a series of photos provided by Shaanxi photographer Hu Wugong. Hu Wugong accompanied by friends visit Tang Ling eighteen, "in order to create a new landscape, the local cultural relics department" decontamination detergent "Millennium Shirengou Shima patina on the body is removed!"

friends is eager to see the north shore of Weihe is located in the Guanzhong stretches over 300 in the eighteen Tang Ling, finally May Day that day, I accompanied Hongkong and Beijing friends visited the Tang Jianling and Tang Chongling. Get off the prospect, Ling momentum is still broad still, shocking is that all Shirengou Shima be washed clean, as if to meet friends from afar with a brand-new appearance.

on the Millennium Shirengou Shima patina, disappeared, the resulting contour contrast blurred, fine to debate, who also left many Shirengou Shima Shuahen, it seems "cleaner" had great strength "detergent decontamination fee". I 100 think can not understand, why to clear that thousands of years it?

friends said, Shaanxi cultural relics department of ideological consciousness is high, with scientific methods to remove the Millennium dust, let us see the purity of the Chinese characteristics of the culture, to thank them!

It is reported that

, Tang Ling eighteen buried in Guanzhong area in Shaanxi province refers to the Tang capital of Changan (now Xi’an) surrounding the eighteen emperor of the Tang Dynasty (if the queen Wu Zetian, a total of nineteen meter is the tomb of emperor) is a national key cultural relics protection units. For thousands of years, those Shirengou Shima scattered field, guarding the imperial mausoleum.

"Tang eighteen Ling" mountain for the mausoleum, imposing, and the city of Changan and the palace together constitute the most recommended national level

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