How to open a restaurant

How to open a restaurant

restaurant is not open up as long as the shop marketing Everything will be fine., is also very important. For example, you opened a restaurant, but in addition to the people around you no one knows, there will be no number of customers, so how to operate the store down?. Therefore, the restaurant operators must pay attention to the publicity and marketing of the shop. So, how to open a restaurant to promote marketing?

1, advertise or offer cooking programs

if your restaurant have plenty of funds, you can choose to do advertising. But usually the catering industry in the media only promotional advertising, the effect is not obvious, so that food store operators start cooking show on local television, such as certain dishes cooking practices, or in the local newspaper in the form of column presents some delicacy food to eat, the public welfare advertisement, further expand your restaurant hand visibility and reputation, on the other hand can guide consumers to your restaurant dishes have a more scientific understanding.

3, joint publicity, leveraging the marketing

again, to be good at leveraging marketing, publicity, and sharing to some local enterprises and resources, such as the famous local supermarket chain joint promotion. Do a good job of posters, single page publicity. Such as consumers in the supermarket consumption of how many yuan vouchers page or coupons to enjoy the discount restaurant; similarly, in the restaurant consumption of how many customers can get free supermarket VIP card, etc.. There are many similar methods, but also with credit card companies, Cell Phone Corps to promote and attract customers.


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