Jingtai e commerce service center was established

Jingtai e commerce service center was established

, as an economically backward western region, how to improve the living standards of the basic level of the people, and realize the income increase is the focus of government work. At present, the rise of innovation and entrepreneurship will become a new milestone in the western development strategy.

11 3, Jingtai County e-commerce service center, Jingtai multi-creation space electricity supplier Incubation Park opened and the Silk Road "Hui" business platform offline experience store opened at the same time.

to accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy to stimulate entrepreneurship, innovation vitality of public construction in Jingtai County started to foster the development of e-commerce platform, accelerate the pace of development of e-commerce, to boost the precise poverty as the focus of the "public record". This work adhere to government guidance, enterprise main body, market orientation and for the masses, the poor village, boosting the precise poverty docking principle, focus on agricultural products to broaden the network of sales channels, to promote the county economic characteristics of agricultural products, forestry and fruit industry, cultural tourism, labor jobs and many convenience services "marriage" electronic commerce, build low rent, zero rates, one-stop integrated service platform for the new venture entrepreneurs of all kinds, and strive to create "a town" and "a village shop", explore the new mechanism of precise poverty.

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