Henan working sister Jiang Yufeng opened a queue of companies to earn tens of thousands of dollars

Henan working sister Jiang Yufeng opened a queue of companies to earn tens of thousands of dollars

Chinese people, all kinds of opportunities are less, so queuing has become a common thing, which makes a lot of people worry. However, there are people from here to seize the business opportunities, to open a line of companies, to earn tens of thousands of dollars, whether you are very envious of it?

Henan migrant Jiang Yufeng without a diploma, nor technology, but she saw a rich, she specialized in Guangzhou by getting in line to make money, and set up a queuing service company, hired 20 employees, China became the first legal "occupation queue", the average profit of her there are about 10 thousand yuan.


girl is specifically restricted to queue

girls sell time to sell a monthly salary of $

Jiang Yufeng is an ordinary working girl, no diploma, no technology, she even himself as a dustman for the job, the future of darkness. However, one day, in the crowded bank business hall, Jiang Yufeng suddenly a bright eyes, she seemed to see a shortcut to riches shiny floor in front of her. Yeah, just do it. Sell your extra time! Jiang Yufeng said to himself.

but can time be sold? How to sell? Which fool would like to buy?

Who can actually make money


Jiang Yufeng Xihua County, Henan province.

after graduating from high school, she and her sister Jiang Yuying Guangzhou work together. The younger sister is very fast in a clothing factory as a worker, but she can’t find a job for a long time. Later, she finally entered a mall as a cleaner, but only 900 yuan monthly salary. Jiang Yufeng all day looking at those well-dressed senior white-collar workers in and out of the mall, the hearts of envy, she thought, when I can become a white-collar? However, do not say to achieve this dream, and soon she was down, even 900 yuan salary is not.

2005 a weekend in December, Jiang Yufeng to the East Bank of China Agricultural Bank of China to withdraw money. She took a number plate from the automatic collar machine number 189, but she found that the screen display is still on the number forty-eighth. An hour later, Jiang Yufeng saw that it was not his turn, then went to a nearby fast-food restaurant to eat a bowl of rice. When she returned to the bank hall, she waited for more than and 10 minutes.

she was just about to step into the business window when a young man suddenly said to her, "help me, my little sister! I am in urgent need of money to the customer, but my number to the number 300, according to wait, I am afraid I can not get the money. Can you give me your serial number? I’ll give you 30 dollars." A toll free number can actually sell 30 yuan, do it yourself

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