The three big mistakes in our first year of entrepreneurship

The three big mistakes in our first year of entrepreneurship

every success, there will always be behind the bumps, made a mistake does not matter, the key is to learn from the experience. We have made three mistakes in the first year, the lesson of blood, I hope we can learn from the experience, no longer make the same miss.

earlier this month is VerbalizeIt (American translation company) was formally established and completed the first anniversary of the commemoration of the first round of financing.

If I just talk about entrepreneurial achievements, then I was ignored after starting an enterprise in the process of the most important part: learning from failure. In fact, what we learn from mistakes is more than what we learn from success. The following are the three major mistakes we have made in the past year, the consequences and the lessons we have learned:

1.  drive customer engagement

in the interaction between a person and the person often is replaced by technology application in the world — think of seamless network, online banking or — we have to work to improve our customers to send   information; they call response: is really the interpreter, instead of Machine Translation technology. After the reason until we started to hang up the phone or don’t even start to talk to the customer why midway through the investigation, we realized   solution; solution in more pre clear information transfer, and encourage the interpreter foster a better customer participation. Unfortunately, poor information delivery and early training – in fact, can be avoided by early customer focus on the project   – to make us miss valuable time, resources and active users.

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