Open a shop to make money easy fashion boots

Open a shop to make money easy fashion boots

rainy time came again, rain began to come in handy. Compared with the general grocery store, there are a lot of investors fancy boots are such opportunities. Then, a fashion boots shop to make money easily?

read the third week at the Wuhan University opened a store of fashion boots. According to the observation and analysis of Xiao Zhou, in recent years very big boots popular stars, fashion boots also became popular in the country. Zhou believes that the boots utility, and orange, brown, green and plaid stripe color, texture collocation, subversion of the consumer to the dull, dark boots impression, is a potential market.

in Wuhan, fashion boots store is not much, Xiao Zhou is in September last year to invest 60 thousand yuan, opened a fashion store in Wuchang street boots. In order to save the initial cost, Zhou did not ask the staff, they opened a simple decoration. But what does the unexpected is that two consecutive months of business deserted, sometimes only one day to sell a double, even cost unrecalled."

Zhou had to change strategy, into a number of fashion shoes and boots collocation to sell. The price of shoes with boots, ranging from 80~200 yuan. At present, although the store getting better, but rain boots store sales accounted for only a small part, the main profit from single shoes. Monthly total sales of about 15 thousand yuan, to remove all kinds of costs, net profit of about $3000. However, Xiao Zhou and the surrounding shops after the exchange, that pure profit most shopkeepers in more than 5000 yuan. At present, Xiao Zhou was very worried, "at this pace, at least two years to recover the cost……"

expert weapon:

Wuhan youth training center director Zhang Fuhong: fashion boots innovative products, seemingly there is a market, but the single selling time is not mature, small selection and single shoes sell very right collocation. May be due to the store close to department stores, 80~200 yuan price range slightly higher, customers may prefer to go to the next mall to buy the same price of the product. Street mouth area of the consumer groups are mainly students, a pair of shoes in the price of 50~60 yuan more reasonable.

case study:

Zhou’s case, there are three mistakes.

first, the project itself. From the consumer demand, Wuhan is a city of four seasons, the annual rainfall is not much, the market is far less than four shoes and boots boots common market; from the consumer’s consumption level and consumption, and less than Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. Therefore, in Wuhan, selling high priced boots, does not draw a large audience applauded is normal.

second, site selection. Since it is the Wuhan university students, should obtain the facade in Wuhan University nearby, with students to open up the market gap. >

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