Sichuan Chengdu innovation and entrepreneurship unabated

Sichuan Chengdu innovation and entrepreneurship unabated

innovation and entrepreneurship in Sichuan, Chengdu can become one of the provinces, innovation and entrepreneurship has become a consensus of the local people, not only the heat of innovation and entrepreneurship, but also the quality of innovation and entrepreneurship are constantly improving.

  in Sichuan and Chengdu, "Volkswagen   people’s innovation" has become a consensus. Last year’s two sessions, many of the recommendations of the National People’s Congress in Sichuan and the CPPCC National Committee members of the proposal and innovative entrepreneurship related. In this year’s two sessions, innovation and entrepreneurship is still hot, to become a representative, members of the topic of concern and hot topics.

in "to accelerate mobile medical service innovation proposal", Liu Jixin proposed in particular to strengthen the mobile medical applications in the management of chronic diseases. He said that at present, the domestic mobile medical treatment for the chronic disease management has begun to take shape, the market has 300 types of diabetes, hypertension and so on APP, but the product quality is uneven, low data accuracy, lack of positive clinical results, security is also disputable, therefore only a few doctors in exploring the use of mobile the medical management of chronic diseases.

he advised the government to establish and standardize management platform for chronic disease, with the help of mobile Internet, cloud computing, networking and wearable devices, the use of large data analysis, and integration of evidence-based medicine and related results of medical and health services resources, strengthen the application of mobile medical management of chronic diseases in.

The development of modern agriculture, the implementation of

"agricultural innovation is crucial." He said. As the largest mushroom production enterprises in Sichuan, Sichuan treasure itself is the beneficiaries of agricultural innovation. Cooperative enterprises and a number of colleges and universities, breeding and demonstration of Auricularia auricula, the county’s black fungus production exceeded 1000 tons, into the black fungus county ranks 10.

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