Venture home jewelry is good

Venture home jewelry is good

with the continuous development and progress of the home industry, home accessories industry has also developed. Monotonous home environment, with the help of fashion jewelry decoration, will bring you a new look at the home life experience. So now choose home accessories investment? Its future development prospects?

1, based in Guangdong (Dongguan, Foshan, etc.) based production base in Southern China. They are characterized mainly by the design style of Hongkong, the products are generally based on sample processing. The flow of its products are mostly through Hongkong to Southeast Asia, Russia, the United States and other places. Another Home Furnishing jewelry company is mainly for large furniture manufacturers, professional custom jewelry, this kind of products generally higher grades, is dedicated to the production of furniture manufacturers tailored, a set of ordinary pottery prices are thousands of yuan.

2, second is based in Fujian, Zhejiang based. This part of the manufacturer’s products are mostly in line with the needs of foreign jewelry design, the vast majority of export products. It is characterized by the scale of production, the price is very competitive advantage. In recent years, the procurement of large multinational companies abroad, the products of these manufacturers are listed as the procurement.

third in the form of Arts and crafts of small scattered manufacturers. Most of these products are sold in the form of their own unique products with regional characteristics, national characteristics, folk characteristics of the decorations.

Sales in the form of

1, in 2000, the market did not form a true sense of the home accessories industry. At that time, home accessories mainly accompanied by the furniture industry, gift industry, flowers, bedding scattered sales.

2000 years later, with the Chinese rising real estate, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places in the decoration cost of   2000  year rose to 52 thousand yuan, so in 2000 after the emergence of small Home Furnishing jewelry store.

Home Furnishing jewelry trends

Small and medium-sized city

the Home Furnishing jewelry present situation of polarization modes, or sophisticated products but the price is high, or go mass line, but the low price of product style is messy, "

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