nnovation and entrepreneurship tide in the Yangtze River earth undercurrent surging

nnovation and entrepreneurship tide in the Yangtze River earth undercurrent surging

Hefei as a central city of China, the geographical position close to the Yangtze River Delta region, at the same time in the process of development in recent years, Hefei is also based on this, constantly chasing the pace of the times, at the same time, entrepreneurial activities also put on the table.

7 27 to 30, by GOV.cn, Chinese network television’s "discovery double star" activities in the land. From the Yangtze River to Huaihe, from south to north, the "discovery" in the trail through the 14 Anhui province 16 city, vivid story of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship difficult, encouraging innovation projects, pieces so that researchers excited, innovation tide already in the Jianghuai earth "undercurrent".

encourage innovation and entrepreneurship;

1981 was born in Yan Jun, Bachelor degree. He founded the electronic commerce as the main format of the youth business park, the park a attract youth employment of about 1600 people, employment of over million people, two will solve 5000 direct jobs, promote employment of more than 20 thousand people. Annual turnover of youth entrepreneurship Park exceeded 1 billion 500 million yuan, driven by regional economic development.

"90" sub beam, after graduating from college, chose to return to rural mushroom. October 2014, Liang was incorporated in Huainan green Wei edible mushroom cultivation cooperatives, driven by 38 rural surplus labor employment, the current good momentum of development.


4 days time, 4 groups, respectively, to Anhui, the city of 14, interviewed dozens of new and old customers. In July 29th, a reporter from the Anhui province "double star" outstanding record passenger selection group was informed that, through the layers of selection, "found double star" 20 outstanding record passenger list has been released. The oldest 57 years old, the youngest just the age of 20. And behind them, there are more hit off on the road to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

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