How to join the soybean milk

How to join the soybean milk

once saw a healthy diet principle, that is the morning milk with Soybean Milk which you choose, choose the latter, visible Soybean Milk is more suitable for a healthy diet needs Chinese, for Soybean Milk perhaps people always thinking is the kind of curds, Xiaobian tell you not only is this.

grain bread workshop, mainly engaged in grain as raw materials Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings bun, adhering to the Millennium health Juexue, modern nutritional therapy principle, to fully explore the grain health care magic, the grains and beans and other scientific collocation, is not only the conventional Cereals, such as lotus seed, Gorgon fruit, red dates, Fuling, black sesame, pumpkin seeds, walnut, coix seed, gelatin, more grains steamed through Fang unique formula, or science, powdered with flour steamed, not only taste mellow, more natural, safe and fast curing methods are greatly recognized by consumers, consumers directly eat or home. The shapes, the appearance of the bottom of the golden entrance, riotous with colour, very crisp, with a crisp, refreshing bursts, other part is soft and tender, sweet and delicious, taste wonderful. Such a good brand of soy milk how to join it?

cereals soy milk how to join? What are the conditions? What are the advantages?

grain soybean milk join conditions:

1, confidence in the catering business, is willing to actively join the "steamed corn corner" of the units and individuals.

2, with the integrity of the business reputation, self-motivated, dedication and hard-working spirit.

3, my family and I have good health and passion in the industry.

4, willing to accept the grain steamed Fang headquarters management, training in uniform.

5, provide legal identity, in order to establish a real square steamed corn based file.

According to

6, the grain bread Fang headquarters, unified image of the sign hanging corn steamed fang.

7, may maintain the grain bread Fang brand image, not by the "grain bread Fang" brand effect of damage to the interests of consumers.

grain soybean milk join advantages:

1 distribution low threshold

by nutrition experts based on years of practical experience summed up several dozen kinds of common diet combinations regularly launch new combinations of uniform packaging, uniform price, let dealers without professional knowledge can also be easily selling therapeutic regimen.


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