Join the English training industry how to better train children

Join the English training industry how to better train children

for the education industry, many people have a lot of investment interest. Especially the development of English training industry is very popular, but even joined the English training industry, a problem you will face is how to teach children, so that they receive your transmission better knowledge.

1, English Learning under the general conditions can be described as follows: "motivation + interest" – Determination – perseverance – effective.

2, we must cherish the classroom teaching and teacher learning opportunities, but also to seize the "acquisition" of English, the latter refers to learn to take the initiative to listen to the radio listen and watch TV for watching videos, reading novels, and English speakers in English oral and written communication.

3, imitate the Anglo American pronunciation and intonation, but not blindly pursue foreign accent, emphasis should be placed on the correct pronunciation, articulation clear, natural expression. Bold mouth, sometimes recite, and talking.

4, English reading for those who do not influence the effect of the whole sentence words, using dictionaries, understand its meaning and usage.

5, do anything to master the law, learn English, therefore, look at one or two simple grammar Why not?


6, through the culture to learn the language, the language will learn better.

7, language charm, style worthy of study, mainly because the back there is a spirit of the world: but they must art together, thus expressing the same ideas and insight are promoting each other.

8, style, style of study have practical uses, it can make us more in-depth observation of the performance of English, English to see the strengths, weaknesses, and we are learning English should pay special attention to the place or guard. Because on the one hand, English is not difficult to use, on the one hand, in the face of careless or too careful users are full of traps.

9, translation steps (1). Translate word for word, do not lose anything, do not avoid certain translation cavity. (2). The original cast, just look at the translation, in accordance with the original style (concise, gloomy, playful and so on) the text. At this time will find a lot of problems, often the context of the problem and the overall style of the problem. (3). Then to the original, to see the meaning did not go. (4). After a few days or even weeks. At this time the memory of the original text has been blurred. Change the text in the above second stages was also mostly because the original remember, many places still feel smooth, now have a pass, the need to modify the text. At this time it is often necessary to add some words or subtract some words to make the meaning clear. After this change, the general translation can be taken out.

10, to understand a country’s culture is to read some history, literature, including poetry and prose works. China’s ancient children into the school to study, read "Three Character Classic >

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