How to quell the anger of customers

How to quell the anger of customers

customer is God, the customer is the source of investment entrepreneurs. What should be done when the client is angry? Customers and fight to work? The customer service software, feasible? In the end how to quell the anger of customers? Please look at this problem together with the small series!

1. cooperation

first you need to find a mutually agreed, for example: "I have a suggestion, you are willing to listen to?" This is done to make him agree with your proposal, which is neutral.

2. what do you want me to do?




"need" to inquire about customers you want to be a hole in the glass drill, this is his needs, if you just try to meet this demand, will lose more effectively meet the needs of customers the opportunity. "Need" is the reason behind the "demand", the reason for this kind of electric drill is to punch holes in the glass. You should try to meet the needs of your customers – is there a better way to get out of the window? Not just stay in the level of customer needs, the electric drill to him. We often find that the customer’s needs are not necessarily the most in line with his needs, because we are experts, can help customers in this area, which is the best embodiment of our professional value.

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