Where is the stranger’s bath security

Where is the stranger’s bath security

hotel to go out of the people to bring a lot of convenience, at the same time, also has a lot of hidden dangers, safety, health problems. Recently, Ms. Chen is a stranger bath room, this is how terrible things ah!

"woman while Beijing Heyi hotel attack" caused concern on the network, Chongqing citizens Ms. Chen in Banan a hotel also suffered at the event. 6 evening, Ms. Chen in the room where a stranger is taking a bath…… Later learned that, into the room to take a bath is the original hotel waitress, Ms. Chen was scared to check out, did not expect and the hotel had a contradiction.

How could someone in the bath of


A middle-aged woman

claiming to be a waiter

"who is inside the bath?" Ms. Chen ventured to ask. This asks, water sound in the bathroom immediately stopped, not out of a toilet for a while, Ms. Chen and age of middle-aged women, although wearing good clothes, but hair wet.

see Ms. Chen in the middle-aged woman seemed very nervous, claiming to be a hotel waiter, thought the room vacant, came in and took a bath, did not expect to wash half the guests on the back.


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