How to innovate the flower shop

How to innovate the flower shop

in the current market, almost any industry competition is very intense, therefore, if we want to get the shop business more prosperous development, nature also needs to innovate, so the same florist. In recent years, the number of national florist is increasing rapidly, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Flower shop operators generally believe that business is difficult to do. According to the survey, only 20% of the city’s flower shop business is booming. How to stand in an invincible position in the fierce market competition is a question that every Florist operator is thinking. I dream of Hangzhou Lake four seasons flower shop 10 years, profound experience, in addition to a good store location and brand name effect, but also continuous innovation. Innovation is the magic weapon to win the competition.

floral innovation

The history of the development of the domestic

shop has more than 10 years of continuous exchange, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Europe, and floral floral, floral consumers to learn more, enjoy more and more high level, there must be a high level of floral works to meet their needs, so the innovation is the soul of floral flower shop.

shop shop shop outside the layout to the innovation characteristics, innovation. With flowers, flowers arranged in a simulation environment is better than the family shopping market stall operating environment. At the same time, you can put some flowers on the newspapers, books, in order to increase the cultural taste of the florist.

floral bouquets, flower baskets, innovation works, sketch flower arranging to shop their own characteristics, choose flowers, leaves, color, packaging material selection attention.

flower technology innovation

absorption fashion floral design theory at home and abroad and use a variety of popular art materials, combined with the local situation, carefully design the international popular floral decoration, flower culture art spread and research attention. The famous Taiwan florist flower opened the classroom learning, which is to improve the level of the flower, a way to improve the shop awareness and economic benefits, like the Hangzhou Dream Lake new seasons with the Hangzhou flower Florist Association opened 14 modern Floriculture and management training courses, training more than 500 students. To participate in the competition to participate in the province’s internal and external organizations of different flower arrangement competition, improve the level of flower and industry visibility.

concept innovation

concept innovation is the first of all innovation, through the concept of innovation, driven by business management and marketing innovation. The operator must have the mentality decision outlet shop, a unique business philosophy and ideas to advance, to innovate, to create brand new strange, credibility. Flower shop manager to keep up with the trend of flower fashion, and strive to learn the new practice and experience of the domestic advanced flower shop. Have a strong sense of competition, market awareness.

pay attention to training

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