Wang Sicong custom luxury car red Rolls Royce with the name of Pinyin

Wang Sicong custom luxury car red Rolls Royce with the name of Pinyin

has a "national husband" said the son of Wang Jianlin Wang Sicong recently appeared in Shanghai the Bund by custom car, a red car suspected Rolls-Royce, very pull the wind, there still is Wang Sicong name pinyin.

if the first reaction of two rich generation all the people is Wang Sicong, remember Wang Sicong’s words, my friends do not think he has no money, anyway, I know he doesn’t have my money. If you can find the object who, it is certainly the national husband, was named the national female fans husband Wang Sicong is a man of great talent talents not only rich capricious, super ability exists.

If anyone can not shoot advertising TV advertising can not shoot in the entertainment industry has been booming, has been the paparazzi broke, it was no other than Wang Sicong, as the entertainment Commission is not in vain. Wang Sicong is the female fans for her husband’s national standard, gold does not have the ability to say more, investment companies to make over, around the female friends such as the fly version replaced, all is the young model.

Wang Sicong by custom car, recently, Wang Sicong drove his red car (like Rolls-Royce) in Shanghai, the Bund and South Korea women’s team EXID, invite friends to dinner, this luxury car is a customized version of Wang Sicong, the seat bears his name in Chinese pinyin "Sicong", it is critical to the nouveau riche the. We have to admire for such a wayward Wang Sicong, customized luxury car is to let netizens refer to also can not afford to buy, publicity wayward style also had impressed, no way, who told people to have a good father.

The new car has a double waist

customized information in various places including car, console, pedal, leather seats and so on, it is a car full of love.

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