Putian is demonized is a real devil or man in trouble

Putian is demonized is a real devil or man in trouble

referred to the Putian department, I think you and Xiao Bian is the first thought of those private hospitals. Recently, the Department of Putian is in the wind, there are a variety of reports about them, so what is the specific situation? The following and Xiaobian together to look at the relevant details of the report!

Putian Department of Chinese medical history twenty years, never encountered such a big crisis." Recently, the face of the country after another question, a just returned from Yunnan, Putian private hospital bosses worried.

outside all the way through deep section Department of Putian, exposing them to practice during their misdeeds, from the end of history. When it was discovered that the Department of Putian home owners "villa" buildings, luxury cars gathered, but also attracted countless infamy.

Department of Putian based reporters in-depth investigation found that Dong Zhuang town of Putian City, the town of East Village to build the "villa" are basically four storey building, is only the standard who live in Putian, Putian, the boss really rich, mostly in the town’s only villa real estate buyers, show the distinguished identity.

"these people, but only 1% of the Putian Department of, but has a wealth of Putian department." A cadre of the east town government told reporters that they had from Dongzhuang, Putian to go out, now the city of Putian has begun to draw them back, make the local medical industry.

Wang, Dong Zhuang each 10 million

reporter visited a number of Village town of East Village, including cuo.

"we’re not really rich, and the houses in the village are very common." Mentioned the impression of the outside world city is rich, CuO tou former village Party branch secretary Su Dechun waved their hands, in the CuO tou Village Branch of the building, Su Dechun pointed to the window of the road on both sides of the building, now there are many in the construction of the house, some also built many years.

Su Dechun told reporters that most of the people in the village of the head of the house are doing medical business all over the country, the opening of private hospitals, but there is no special celebrity. Some villagers’ houses have been built for years because they have not made a lot of money and have no ability to build a house at once.

reporter found that these villages in the building, basically four or so small buildings. A village, said the village head, these buildings will be called the villa, in fact, a little too. "There are a lot of small buildings basically not much space between the space, it seems crowded, better conditions, may bring a yard."

this building has become a standard in the town of East village. Zhen Dong Zhuang Cun Dong Zhuang surnamed Lin villagers to remember.

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