Four major adverse factors in the deterioration of the store operation

Four major adverse factors in the deterioration of the store operation

because the shop’s impact, now a lot of the store business is very difficult, and many shops in the real operation process is easy to fall into a vicious spiral cycle, resulting in the shop’s business has more and more influence. In fact, is not difficult to do business, do business, but sellers counterparts, do business model to make money from the money began to model. It stands to reason, in the face of the impact of the shop, the store should be more progressive is, on the one hand against the shop, on the one hand to snatch other physical store business. However, in fact, this is not the case, most of the store owner is embarked on a vicious cycle of the road, continued negative, sustained decline, the reason for this is because of these factors:

thinking oriented

has been aware of the changes in the current market environment, but also to see the future development trend. However, thinking of the boss did not keep up with changes in the market, but did not take the initiative to meet the consciousness, but changes in the market environment to complain about the business more difficult to do, every mouth foul mouthed and whining, and soon will be transmitted to the store all the staff. Since the boss said the business is difficult to do, then as employees, but also feel that the business can not do. All in all, the boss’s thinking is just to complain and avoid, rather than aggressive.

solution direction

in the business sector, the problem can be solved, the shop owner is also trying to solve. Ordinarily, should be to solve the problem through market research, innovative ideas, program testing, directional input method. But most of the other two roads: either the boss is going to pass upstream pressure, expect the upstream enterprises to increase investment, more cost reimbursement; or is waiting, waiting, waiting for the market to improve competition automatically closed, waiting for the government to ban the shop, waiting to return to the previous simple business model is the best, with your eyes closed that time can make money. But wait, wait, only death.

turtle speed in the store

said that the decline in the number of customers into the store, you should take the initiative to go out and visit the old customers, do some value-added services into the community to do some promotional activities, even the station send leaflets in front of the store. However, the more the business downturn, but the boss took the clerk more turtle speed in the store, would rather idle watching the Internet drama, playing mobile phones, melon seeds chat, also refused to go out. The reason is that the market is not good, out of no use, but also related to the cost, it is better to stay in the store. Ten thousand steps back, stay in store also, can do cleaning, such as goods, sorting the ceiling cobwebs clean, wipe the floor several times, to clean up the broken window, a light bulb and so on, sorry, not in the mind.

comprehensive cost reduction


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