Leather shoes big leather shoes care business is good

Leather shoes big leather shoes care business is good

general white-collar workers, the daily need formal work, it will use a variety of shoes, even the daily behavior of leather shoes has now become many people preferred footwear products, but many people’s shoes price is very high, a mistake, it may cause damage, then open a shoe store certainly, good business!

especially leather shoes, leather shoes are now more and more high-grade, more and more novel styles. Cowhide, sheepskin, deerskin, crocodile skin, ostrich skin and other high-grade leather shoes emerge in an endless stream hundreds of thousands of yuan, the shoes have been everywhere, but the customer service service and nursing technology of leather shoes is obviously lagging behind. Once the leather shoes wear, scratches, discoloration, wrinkling, deformation and other issues, they will lose the style of new shoes.

today people pay attention to dress, too lazy to clean up their own shoes and few people understand the maintenance of leather shoes especially high-grade leather shoes and leather shoes. So choose a lot to open a shoe shop is very good. Can be spread by word of mouth. Choose the advantage of open leather shoes nursing shop is the leather shoes industry is more mature, the project cost is low, easy to enter and easy to start.

leather care stores operating items: 1, 2, clean leather shoes, leather shoes maintenance. Investment analysis of leather shoes nursing shop: monthly cost analysis: 1 rent: 2000>

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