Stock market opportunities to promote tourism fever

Stock market opportunities to promote tourism fever

many people are hard to imagine, the stock market boom, how to promote the development of the tourism industry? What is the inevitable relationship between the two? Do not worry, and let the following Xiaobian to slowly for you to analyze, let you open your eyes!

10 5, the Hongkong stock market fell for the third consecutive day after the market rebounded to pick up the rally, stocks rose as high as U.S. stocks rose by 355 points, followed by the expansion of the increase in. Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index closed at 27831.52 points, an increase of 857.54 points, a total turnover of $139 billion 763 million. In October 8, the stock market boom, Hongkong many industries also use this opportunity to bring business, become a major selling point to draw tourists.

Hongkong travel agencies will see stock market opportunities held "stock group", arrangement of mainland visitors to Hong Kong account to buy stocks, to attract a lot of tourists to participate in. Dong Yaozhong, director general of the Hongkong Tourism Industry Council has said that more and more mainland visitors to Hong Kong to buy stocks and Kanlou, reflecting the development of such a market space, the industry is working to set up investment groups.

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