Self test before starting a business

Self test before starting a business

a lot of people obsessed with entrepreneurship can get rich, but do not understand the risk of the industry, as long as the true on that path, than work more bitter and more tired, in order to ensure you can insist on the career success, small advice: you better do before the start of the following self small test!

1.    your age?

a);           45~55;       C;   25 years old ~35 years       D;   35~45 years old

;; b

2.    are you interested in a decent life?

a), of course, maybe buy a lottery in the lottery on the line.     b) I don’t know. I feel very comfortable living now.

c) course, as long as you don’t have to work too hard.       d) I have unlimited opportunities, I can certainly achieve their ideals through their own efforts.

3.    do you define your goals and are ready to stick to them?

a) I don’t have the habit of setting goals.

b) I haven’t tried it before, but if you tell me how to do it, I’d like to try it.

c) Yes, my goal is to invest through entrepreneurship, as for their own independent business or to join a brand is not good.

d) my goal is to join a good brand in the industry I like to make their own achievements, otherwise I invest in what to do.

4.    what motivates you to succeed in your career?

a) do I have to operate independently? Do I invest in other people?         b) is not sure, let me think about it?

c) if I concentrate on doing it, it should only be a matter of time before I join the club.   d) I have the ability to become a successful person by joining a good brand.

5.    you >

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