What is the name of the 4 shop

What is the name of the 4 shop

now is different from the previous, many time-honored did not name strictly appropriate, complete with the product name has the sound of word of mouth. For the current society, if there is no proper name, the spread can not be done. After all, is the so-called "ascription, the words will not ring true is impossible," the good name itself is the most direct and effective advertising language. Xiaobian compiled the shop named 4 principles, a look at it!

[simple] easy to understand

shop name to reduce the spread of the load as much as possible to increase the spread of opportunities.

to reduce the spread of the load has three points: short, easy to understand and avoid letters, numbers.

short is to control the number of words. Xiao Bian suggested that the name of the shop is not more than six words, too many people do not remember. But it can not be too short, the Chinese culture is broad and profound, relying on one or two words can not tell a doorway. Since ancient times, four character idioms are looking ahead, shop signs streets and lanes are basically four words, with a four word name anyway, not wrong.

is easy to listen to well-known, that is, listen to understand what a few words. All the people know that "North" refers to the Peking University, but a man named Ben Shan Xian’s "small shop, I’d read it out, not to mention this to anyone else.

with initials and digital names is not conducive to oral communication. A company called "2 people," the shop, is to read the line of the two or the two? It is difficult to understand the meaning of the electronic brand HTC see its meaning, as the passage of time to call it "ham", HTC estimates will not like the new name.

[location] at a glance

A look at the

name will be able to know this shop is selling what.

is a "thirsty" selling drinks, "three pot" was with the incense pot, cooking and the like, "purple Park" is about to sell purple potato stuff, the actual location consistent response to consumers hear the name of the store, the shop was very successful.

in the restaurant chain brand "beauty, listen to the name that is Jiangzhe, sit down and look at the menu that is the result of Sichuan, such as the small series can’t eat spicy, can only choose to leave. For more than and 10 years, South beauty still to potential customers not to mind taking the trouble to explain himself is Sichuan, it caused a great waste of marketing resources.

[meaning] inspired Lenovo

shop name to be rich in content, people can not help but produce association. >

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