World Cup triggered lottery marketing boom

World Cup triggered lottery marketing boom

recently, 14 years of the world cup in Brazil has opened the curtain, the game intensified, followed by all kinds of Marketing craze is becoming increasingly hot, especially lottery marketing, a lot more tricks!

on the day of the game second days ushered in the last World Cup finals in Spain and Holland battle, race day is the national feast for the fans, and a lot of money in the lottery fans SMG and purchase, to surprise everyone in the score of 5:1, the circle of friends also ushered in a wave of Tucao, and lottery quiz has already opened the carnival.

2014 years, the world cup lottery year, according to the National Lottery Center announced sales data, in June 12th, the world cup’s first day of competition, SMG single day sales of more than 150 million yuan. Among them, the World Cup opener against Croatia in Brazil, a single game play betting amount reached 13 million yuan, in the case of only one world cup in 2014 created a high single day sales of the year in. Champion, runner up quiz play the day sales of 7 million 500 thousand yuan, once again refresh the single day sales record since.

after almost every game, WeChat, micro-blog will be a variety of betting – screenshot scraper a large number of fans, pseudo fans, this time in a month of active events has been a guest of lottery fans. Earlier data show that Internet lottery sales accounted for 13.6% of the total domestic lottery sales, the world cup so that this figure becomes vivid and vivid.

and the Internet as a channel for lottery sales value is self-evident, 500 lottery network CFO Pan Zhengming said, 500 lottery SMG lottery sales is 3-5 times before the world cup.

According to Taobao

undeniable, it is self-evident for large-scale sports sports lottery sales growth, especially the temptation to bring the world cup enthusiasm will greatly enhance the user of the lottery.

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