Small handmade pencil to earn nostalgic money

Small handmade pencil to earn nostalgic money

remember that when we were young, we used to go to school and use pencils. But now writing more products, the use of pencil is less, for many nostalgic people, pencil bar is undoubtedly a very popular place. Therefore, to open a small handmade pencil, it is indeed able to earn the money nostalgia.

now few people use pencil, pencil will slowly fade out of people’s vision. However, due to the popularity of the past two years, the wind, the operator can use the pencil process is simple, creative space to open the characteristics of large household pencil.

pencil to provide raw materials and tools to guide customers. The steps are as follows: according to the size of the length of pen making, Wacao cut open from the middle, according to the characteristics of different raw materials, mixed color pen. Then, the pen core is placed in the pen holder which is engraved in the groove to be adhered, and the overall appearance of the pencil is painted or hand drawn.

Preparation of

Analysis of

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