Shenzhen began to rectify the campus net loan

Shenzhen began to rectify the campus net loan

campus net loan like a gust of wind, now in the rapid spread of major universities to open, there are a lot of people really benefit from these net loan, but more people are involved, the need for strict control of relevant departments. Following the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of education, in the face of chaos endless campus net loan, Shenzhen Industry Association began to rectify.

8 month 30 days, Shenzhen Internet Financial Association issued a notice, from risk, borrowing, qualification, promotion and other nine aspects of rectification and standardization of the campus network and campus network in loans, net loan lending platform for rectification from now on, rectification period of three months.

according to the provisions of Shenzhen Association of Internet financial enterprises, carry out the campus net loan, must prompt risk disclosure and the cost of borrowing, and non commissioned students, campus staff, promotion on campus. In addition to students, entrepreneurship and other purposes, shall not be used for other purposes loans.

shall not promote the campus

campus network loan chaos, and intensified, it must be timely specification." Shenzhen Internet Finance Association Secretary General Ceng Guang said that the problem exists for the campus net loan, the association is currently Mopai investigation, but it is still inconvenient to disclose.

8 month 30 days, Shenzhen Internet Financial Association "on the norms of Shenzhen campus network lending business notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") said recently, the Internet part of stage P2P, electronic business platform and other financial enterprises, the campus net loan for students development, the emergence of false propaganda, violent collection, usury and other chaos.

in this regard, the notice through nine elements, from the risk of tips, information audit, borrowing costs, the use of loans and other aspects of the content of the campus net loan specification.

enterprises must fully disclose the necessary information is the first mention of the contents of the notice. According to regulations, the company must inform the borrower of the loan business in the campus net loan business, the penalty interest policy, suggesting potential risks, and to ensure that the borrower is known to the students, agree with the above information.

and borrowing costs are also disclosed. "Notice" provides that enterprises should clearly inform the actual cost of borrowing, shall not be charged fees, fees, fees and other charges in the name of high fees in disguise. Shall not be paid in the form of margin, business commission, etc..

in this regard, the "notice" provisions, the enterprise shall not carry out any form of marketing in the campus, do not use ambiguous language, or other deceptive means such as false propaganda; may not own or entrust, authorized third party outside of the Internet and other electronic channels of the physical field, publicity or promotion of project financing. No authorization

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