Retail customers operating cigarette structure should not be too high

Retail customers operating cigarette structure should not be too high

said that for a retail store, cigarettes can indeed be profitable, however, if you want to rely on cigarettes to make money, naturally there are some matters needing attention. In fact, the management of cigarette retail customers know, the higher the price of cigarettes the gold content is high, with retail customers in his own words, sometimes sell a pack of cigarette profits is higher than selling a low-grade tobacco profits.

so, of course, is to sell high-grade cigarettes cost-effective, high-grade cigarettes this big wide. Therefore, in the trend of profit, some retail customers regardless of market discipline, blindly staring at the market of high-grade cigarettes. The high-grade cigarette smoke not Maihao, low market loss, cook a pot of cooked rice. As the saying goes, "the right one is the best."." The sale of cigarettes the same, artificially raising structure, can only spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, with his own petard, suffer their own.

so, to engage in the operation of cigarettes for the surrounding consumer groups, the appropriate introduction of some marketable cigarettes, in order to do a good job in the market. For example, around your retail store all the residents and villagers, then, the cigarette business should be based on the low-grade cigarettes, which is suitable for mass consumption of cigarettes; if your retail store is facing policy functions of departments or large state-owned enterprises, so the business positioning in high-grade cigarette cigarette should be.

if the positioning of the consumer market are not clear, in the end what should be the grade of cigarette products, they do not understand, so how to ensure that the cigarette business unpopular. Therefore, only in this way can the cigarette business, the market well, the structure is too high or too low, will affect sales, of course, your sales profits will be affected accordingly.

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