What are the consumer habits of holiday customers

What are the consumer habits of holiday customers

different time, people’s consumption concept will be different, as sellers, naturally also need to grasp the consumer’s consumption concept, so as to be able to better commodity promotion. Among them, each holiday for consumers who are shopping crazy time. For sellers, will undoubtedly become a hot selling time. Of course, want to sell better, naturally need to grasp the habits of consumers. So, holiday customers have what kind of spending habits?

every holiday, consumption habits tend to become a kind of emotional rendering, which is related to Chinese herd mentality, now is the shopping time, when in competition for discounted goods case, often suffer from emotional contagion.

due to emotional contagion is a collective behavior, it is difficult for individuals to control their emotions are not affected by the group, resulting in increased consumption, at this time, do not do a good job, wasted a good opportunity.

, for example, at the end of August is in the off-season clothing season, this time to do promotional sales, the effect is very good, but also large flow.

a lot of people in the seasons, are in the habit of shopping in markdowns tide, some because of the Qixi Festival, because some opening soon, to buy their children, their parents, his wife what, so this time there are still willing to spend money.

general, the money is often accompanied by the approaching holidays reduced, especially women, to buy things at this time, showing the traditional shopping, my friend this morning about the shopping, say the most is the Qixi Festival discount, I and a do psychological counseling friend chat, she said that the phenomenon of the shopping season, is the mental state cause brain excitement due to changes, is a common phenomenon, so many businesses will seize this phenomenon, while at the end of the season, make a lot of money.

to see business opportunities from the season which business, this time sales effort, from the psychological point of view, in fact, everyone has the desire to buy, and this innate possessiveness are inseparable, usually, this shopping may not be obvious, but in special circumstances, will be excited, the holidays are the biggest trigger point Chinese, now a day are relatively well-known singles, 35 billion shop sales last year, how much exaggerated.

every holiday, people’s consumption is crazy, this time businesses if you can do a good job related activities, to create a high sales will not be a problem. In short, as a business, if you want a higher sales performance, naturally also need to grasp the customer in the holidays have what kind of spending habits.

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