The 3 day rookie Jianzhan P100 experience

The 3 day rookie Jianzhan P100 experience

note: Station 3 days later, IP more than 100 or more, can do the webmaster to niumao. But as a novice webmaster, I’m still happy,

!In the case of the low employment rate of

graduates, a professional course which faces the graduation of undergraduates is not enough. Website or a novice, rookie level webmaster, want to create some business online, so I founded the university student network.

June 2nd, my new station is formally launched. The next work is to allow new sites to enrich, content, although I pseudo original. After hours of hard work, the website was enriched. The next few days is for the search engines to know the site is there. To some BBS registered account, in the signature, and bring your own website address, always replies and post, no matter good or bad. This is called "malicious irrigation", heh heh heh. Groupware blogs have built several blogs into famous blogs and changed blog names into web addresses. It really doesn’t bring much IP in, but for search engines, it’s a pleasure to do.

advertised for two days and went straight to the third day. I got an ordinary article that could not be more common. This article was only submitted in several places. But none of them can go through. And then I went to Chinaz to contribute. Finally, make my contribution in this article Chinaz through the audit, (may have high fortune.). This is my first time through the Chinaz review article, but also for the first time in Chinaz release soft text.

I still as usual, all the work done, click on the homeopathic statistics, see the statistics surprised me, I have more than 100 IP, recall that my article was published in the Chinaz a bit, how could bring so much IP. After I checked the antecedents, all are direct input, and I’m a little anxious. Should be recorded to the Chinaz hyperlink, ah, how can it be direct input?. Then in this mess. I am so very good, not what enemies ah. There is no need to harm me. Is it the competitor who takes the brush flow software to brush me? Is it impossible? I don’t have the ability to become their competitors. Just ask people who are looking for questions and ask where they can find them. No reason was found. After that I went to Chinaz to have a look, and finally understood, originally my article in the website address is not hyperlinks, is a simple, leaving only links.

this article not only brings me considerable IP, but also allows Baidu to include my website. Not long ago I saw an article in A5 "webmaster wrote the new station to within a few days to let Baidu included" (the title is probably the mean), remember he said in the article content, "the high popularity of the website, through this article to bring some traffic to your site. It will give Baidu included" >

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