Talk about the stationmaster wants to study Zeng Yike’s spirit

Talk about the stationmaster wants to study Zeng Yike’s spirit

Zeng Yike this summer, the most popular one, a girl in the National hot talent shows itself in Super Girls, there may be a lot of people who don’t know much about Zeng Yike, what kind of people, why is the webmaster want to learn the spirit of Zeng Yike? Let me introduce Zeng Yike 2009 happy girl in Shenyang contestants, was born in 1990 in Hunan County of Hanshou. Good at guitar, the original love of her latest promotion Happy Girl Top 10 finals, but the singing was controversial, Zeng Yike in June 27, 2009 into the pending. Judge Bao Xiaobo because of her promotion angrily left the happy female judges. The evening of July 3, 2009, the 09 fastest female national 10 was born, the controversial player Zeng Yike PK promotion.

some people say that her voice is very hate, some people say that his voice is the voice of an angel, love Zeng Yike who is love to hate Zeng Yike, unable to extricate themselves, people hate to gnash, Zeng Yike has attracted great attention in the network, although the majority of the people hate, but have to say, the search volume is the name of Zeng Yike great, until today, Super Girls’s game has ended, there are still more than 50 thousand index in every Baidu index inside Zeng Yike, visible search in large quantity, the amount of attention is very large.

in front of roughly introduced Zeng Yike, first, let’s talk about the theme, the webmaster to learn the spirit of Zeng Yike, why should learn her spirit,


1. I have heard her songs, standing in my personal point of view, is not how, but although refute a lot of her or her unwavering insist on her style, it is to let all the webmaster to learn something, like you do, whether you are doing formal site or garbage station others to your station refute or said you stand do not look ugly, no innovation, no new ideas, it does not matter, you can continue to do so as long as you love, after all, most of the webmaster do stand is to plan a fun and not professional do stand to feed themselves, are for the web site increase the popularity of their technology gets a positive, have greatly improved the station to do the confidence, and not for others with a sarcastic laugh at it and give up and webmaster of this identity, because it is a station Enjoy the process of the game, we as long as their own fun, and they can do the same station while learning more knowledge and fun, this is very good.

2. on online that Zeng Yike song has a lot of plagiarism, I also read the relevant reports are somewhat similar, but this does not delay her own creation, the word plagiarism is good or bad? Not to say to them what would we say singer plagiarism, under our own webmaster do stand plagiarism. Is the need to understand the news every day, every day in the things around you, as long as we can and do stand webmaster, catch, basically you can write, so it became the one and only a very good original article, now many of my friends will not write soft, I began to slowly also could not write. The software must write to knock your keys "

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