Primitive man will be returned to modern society business ethics over short sighted

Primitive man will be returned to modern society business ethics over short sighted

"primitive" event is not man-made hype? And the disclosure of information from the event can be sorted out: the primitive event is Liu Hua was outside the tension in the capital case (or peer) out of a thing, by the cold dishes forced by the hot. Last night, the original person’s official website hung general manager Liu Hua to apologize to the vast majority of users of the original network, Liu Hua said: "here, I would like to represent all the colleagues of the original people network, I would like to extend my sincere apologies to you.". We will use practical action to prove that primitive people are not described as online rumors. For the original people in the crisis management consciousness, irrational, imperfect way of dealing with, I would like to be able to get your understanding. We have been thinking, if you choose to give up, only to bring more harm to everyone, this is all people do not want to see. As an enterprise willing to shoulder the responsibility, there is no reason to make such a choice. In the next time, the primitive people will face the reality, regardless of all the losses, just to give you a satisfactory account. We will work out a complete and reasonable solution as soon as possible. By the end of July 15th, the 1 million special funds will be allocated for the compensation and refund of the injured users of the event. Please rest assured, primitive man not because of difficulties, Internet rumors, slander counterparts will easily fall, not because the 1 million refund, and the effect of the original network assets reorganization and the overall operation."

in fact, as a peer, long ago that the whole incident is a bit strange. Two days ago, the original staff, workers and workers continued to go to work, and employees were hit. And reveal their frustration on the original man’s official website. On that day, the original website revealed this information "fall in growth, where the falls, where the climb up and have to buy products and services are unified, compensation for 1 months, the original people never leave you, the courage to face everything". The station was then predicted, the original man is not outside rumors roll foot. And that the primitive people will operate properly. This station has not published the original people run away and in the event of speech, the station system forecast: "the company did not collapse, Liu Hua did not say what, run away is speculation, the station will continue to follow developments."

from events intermittently revealed analysis, Liu Hua out financing, and no running. Like a bank, in the event of a financial crisis outside, if all the clients run together, the bank will break down. Fortunately, "primitive man" did not break down; and most likely, "primitive man" really did not break down. As a peer, really want to "primitive man" do not break down, I really hope that the credibility of IDC service providers do not break down.

after the whole event, after the analysis, the factors of artificial speculation are a little bigger. Of course, this is related to the IDC environment, through the groundless talk of the webmaster, are a little jittery on wind sways grass. "Primitive man" incident, affecting all the IDC, ICP nerve, even if they have nothing to do with themselves, but also gathered in the eyes of primitive people". Small >

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