Talking about the six functions of website construction

Talking about the six functions of website construction

1. takes full advantage of network resources:

Internet is a powerful tool that sends information about products or services to every corner of the world at a low cost. Customers all over the world can understand the enterprise through the website. Internet has been connected to a considerable number of Internet users, businesses, institutions and governments, and to a broader scale. Internet is developing at a geometric rate in China, so any enterprise should not be outside the Internet, which will be divorced from the most basic resources and environment for enterprise development: human society.

2. launching e-commerce:

e-commerce (EC, that is, E-Commerce abbreviation), on the definition of e-commerce, the world has different opinions, from different angles, there are different definitions. Can be understood to rely on Internet, relying on certain means of credit payment, on the network for product purchase and sale, cost payment and other business activities. According to the different transaction object classification, can be divided into: BtoB (often referred to as B2B, business e-commerce on business), BtoC (often referred to as B2C, business to consumer electronic commerce (CtoC), often referred to as C2C, is the consumer to consumer e-commerce, CtoB (often) referred to as C2B, is the consumer to business e-commerce etc.). Domestic well-known e-commerce sites, such as: and so on.

e-commerce is the future trend of economic development, the goal is to achieve the transaction information and electronic networks, such as the use of electronic money, open online stores, online business negotiation and the use of electronic signatures contract etc.. Internet enterprises usually will be added to the Internet a Industry Association Web site or business site, become a member or net. Publish supply and demand information on industry associations, websites or commercial websites, obtain relevant policies and market information, and enjoy other services. Enterprises build websites, from the point of view of sales, can reduce the intermediate links of transactions and reduce costs. The enterprise website can also be expanded into an online sale and pre sale after-sales consulting service center.

3. interact with customers:

enterprises establish websites, set up information consulting stations to the Internet, provide special information and provide information services. It can establish a real-time, thematic or individual communication channel with the outside. Some businesses open e-mail addresses on their web sites that allow customers to email their views to businesses. Because of the fast delivery of e-mail, companies can quickly get customer information and respond in a timely manner. Some enterprises’ websites contact customers in the form of BBs or bulletin boards, and customers can express their opinions, as well as the information of other customers and the previous information. It can make the customer understand the service and product of the enterprise and the enterprise completely and objectively. Because it is a direct dialogue, it has the function of promoting emotion.

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