What are the earnings tips for decoding B2B sites

What are the earnings tips for decoding B2B sites

advertising revenue, membership fees, offline activities and other revenue are the main sources of revenue for B2B sites, but in practice, the use of some skills often leads to a big increase in revenue. I decode some of the usual B2B website income skills. Of course, these techniques apply to some B2B sites that already have a certain customer base and have a niche in the industry.

changes website advertising rule

‘s profitable B2B web site has its unique features, but the common point is that advertising revenues make up a large portion of the revenue. This is because the scale effect of the B2B website is very significant, and the more members it contains, the greater the value of the products developed by the website, the easier it is to make profits. Alibaba, for example, is not very dependent on advertising. But other B2B sites can only rely on advertising because they are unable to attract large numbers of members. The disadvantage is that after advertising to achieve profitability, the site has a natural increase in advertising impulse. As a result, more and more advertisements, the experience is getting worse and worse. General advertising pricing reference factors include: similar site pricing, industry profits, corporate benefits, advertising position, website indicators and so on. It is in the form of price tags. This pricing has its drawbacks, that is, the value of the site may be underestimated, the future prospects may be underestimated. So some B2B sites have changed the rules of ad placement. A spot auction is used to sell advertising bits. It can be online auction or offline auction. Auctions can stimulate buyers’ enthusiasm and passion. The form of ad auction avoids the communication between competitors, so that the price of the auction can really reflect the value of the website advertisement. According to the author’s understanding: for advertising auction, its overall income is higher than the price of a separate sale. Of course, to carry out advertising auction, first of all to do a premise, that is, for advertising optimization, not advertising the more the better, but the quantity is appropriate, publicity effect is the best.



adds mystery to development products

an artist should have proper exposure, but also a certain mystery, and pull away from the fans, this scale is difficult to grasp. The same is true of Internet product development. The B2B site search, almost all of the B2B sites are embedded in the search box, the priority for the development of the products is around the search search results, including product presentation priority, vendor ranking priority etc.. But manufacturers are familiar with the rules of the product. When promoting them, the reason they give is: it’s not Baidu’s bidding. Because of the over understanding of the product, but no interest in buying. As a matter of fact, the revenue from the search for competitive bidding within the major B2B sites is not high. But replacing search rankings into a different form is better. For example, Alibaba launched the integrity of the letter

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